Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Groupon – Military Fitness

I admit it: I LOVE groupon.  I love opening my mail in the morning to find out all the fun ways that I could be “saving” money today.  I love that moment when I realize that the hot yoga voucher or discounted afternoon tea I’ve been waiting weeks for has finally arrived.  It’s like a little present in my inbox every day.

The problem with groupon is, of course, that you have to spend money in order to save it.  Had I been planning to have a massage?  No.  But I’ve spent £30 on one (I saved £50, I swear.)  Groupon makes me want things I can’t have and, frankly, don’t really need. Laser skin resurfacing – I’m not 30 yet.  Accounting classes – I can probably do without those as well.  Despite my love of groupon, the worst thing about getting those money saving emails is that I really shouldn't buy any of them.


Today is different.  Today, I get to make that fabulous groupon purchase.  And what am I buying?  British military fitness passes! 

It’s been months and months since I worked out properly, and with regular classes in Battersea Park, there is absolutely NO excuse to not use these passes.  I get 6 passes for £24, or £4 per fitness class. That's a pretty good deal - as long as I use them.

Will I hate these classes?  Probably.  I’m really more of a yoga girl.  But it’s summer (sort of) and I have wedding dresses to try on.  No time like the present.

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