Wednesday, 3 July 2013

An Evening at the Candlemaker

One of the hardest things about trying to save money is that it’s much cheaper to stay in than go out.  But I love going out.  I love crowded streets and cozy pubs and the buzz of being surrounded by other people.  I think this technically makes me an extrovert. 

It also means that I want to go to the pub on a Tuesday.  We don’t need to go far or stay too long, but after a day of working alone, I want to be WITH people.

SO, last night M and I tried the Candlemaker – the recently refurbished pub on Battersea High St.  It got the name from the candle factory which (along with a variety of other light industry) used to operate along the river here in south London.  

I was pleasantly surprised – while not packed, the pub had a quiet Tuesday hum, with couples and groups of friends scattered among most of the tables. The décor was 60s chic with pop-art all over the walls, mixed with fun pieces like this suit of armor:

and there is lots of outside seating for those summer nights… oh right.  Well, for the smokers anyway.

Drinks wise, the pub is affordable but not cheap.  I had a small viognier for £4.85 (DO NOT DRINK the house Sauvignon Blanc, awful) and M tried one of the local pints for £4.50 or so.  (Which one – I don’t remember.  Next time.)

All in all, a fun find for less than a fiver each.  Good beer and a fun atmosphere.  Apparently Monday is the night to go, with a comedy quiz and two-for-one burgers.  Maybe next week.

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